Friday, November 10, 2006

A Trailblazer Makes His Transition

Hearing that veteran CBS journalist Ed Bradley had passed away left me numb yesterday. I admired Bradley and found that he was one of the best interviewers in the business. Ed Bradley asked pointed questions. He pressed for a response when the subjects tried to evade him. Yet he went from serious to light as he laughed and joked with Tiger Woods or flirted with Lena Horne and cooked up a meal with Aretha Franklin.
Through it all he made you feel as though you were in the room as he interviewed countless celebrities and news makers over the course of twenty-five years on CBS' 60 Minutes. Before ascending to 60 Minutes Bradley was one of the first black journalists on network television and as a youngster I recall watching and admiring this man who was a foreign correspondent as I once hoped to be.
Over the years the number of black journalists on television has continued to grow, but Ed Bradley and Tony Brown of Tony Brown's Journal were the early ones and I am truly saddened to hear of Bradley's passing.
The tributes have been wonderful and Mr. Bradley will be greatly missed. God Bless you Ed Bradley for opening the doors for so many that have followed you, but also for bringing the world into the homes of millions.

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