Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Months have passed without so much as a twerp listed here on my blog and that is not a good thing. Nearly two years ago, at least I think it has been that long, I started this space to help serve as a catalyst to writing but those of you who have traveled this road with me know that it didn't really work. There were spurts of regular postings with some good feedback letting me know that I'm not writing to space. In the end I just kept letting life and some level of fear interrupt me. I seek to change that with this initial re-posting.
Part of my dilemma has been understanding what the true purpose of the site would be. I don't want it to be a soapbox where I rant and vent about my life, but from time to time I will find it necessary to discuss some of the adventures in my life. The other problem I have is that I don't know if I necessarily want to publish to the site some of the pieces that I am working on - both fiction and non-fiction, but I will attempt to share some things that I think are noteworthy.
All in all I think we will learn and grow together. I plan to be more diligent and post at least once a week and I won't be afraid to post something that is not necessarily news in the journalistic context because if you didn't know an event took place until you stopped by here it really is news.
The journey begins anew. Look forward to a few book reviews and posts on the ongoing saga of "Street Lit vs. Literary Fiction."
I hope you will take the journey with me and leave a comment or two to let me know someone is reading!

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