Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing with Texture

The art of photography is complex. It is not just a world of point shoot and voila! There are pre-processing steps and post-processing. Pre-processing involves making sure you have a good shot - the right lighting, focus and composition. Once you have taken the shot you enter into the world of post-processing and that has many forms in the digital age - anything from cropping to adding texture.

If you're interested in textures the place to go is Kim Klassen's Cafe'. Kim is the queen of textures in my mind and really enjoys creating and sharing them. Check her out here.

So I thought I would try and play around with textures recently and these are the results. I'm no master and I haven't truly developed an eye for what it is I want to see yet, but its fun to play around.

Moon Before

After using Kim Klassen's "life is good" and "if only" textures.

Using "if only" and "life is good" but with different methodology.
The middle photo is a bit dark, but closer to late night shot. The last photo gives the idea of an unsteady atmosphere and an earlier time of day. So what do you think?


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  1. Love the last photo. Makes me think of Fall and harvest and late night walks.