Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home ~ where the heart is!

One of my biggest challenges with this site has been a concern about the importance of what I have to say and whether or not my world resonates with others, and unfortunately my feelings of doubt have succeeded more often than my commitment to my craft.

I have closed the door on that phase today and I think I have a sense of focus and what I want to communicate with this little corner of the cyber world - all things Cleveland! Not your usual news or puff pieces the parts of this metropolis that strike me as interesting, challenging, wonderful and oh so Cleveland!

To start off I'm going to share a recent skyline shot and my take on a tardy Beyond Layers assignment Fun With Type.

I hope you enjoy and come back frequently! If you feel so moved, please leave a comment!
Having a little fun with text!
What a beautiful day in the LAND!


  1. Shelley,

    That is wonderful that you found a focus. I do think it is a seasoning process, the more you do it, the more you find what you want to do. Love the skyline photo.

  2. Shelley, my blog focuses on a little town two hours from Cleveland were we spend summers. I just flew into Cleveland last week and had the most beautiful drive from there to our cottage (two hours East from Cleveland). I have to make a point of visiting Cleveland during the summers while I'm nearby.

  3. What a wonderful photo! Finding what speaks to your heart is so important with this whole blog thing...I'm glad you've found your focus! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment - have a great Thursday. :)

  4. Great tag line. I love your idea re writing/photographing your Cleveland. Like the text fun! Your photo below of the lilacs is so soft and gentle. Wonderful to be able to approach subjects in different ways. Look forward to more of Cleveland your style :)

  5. Great word art and I love the lilacs. Happy to see you are on a similar journey. Nice meeting you!

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  7. Great word art and I love the lilacs. Happy to see you are on a similar journey. Nice meeting you!


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