Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Artist's Date

This past weekend I took my Artist on a Date as part of the 12-week "The Artist's Way~A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity," as outlined in Julia Cameron's book of the same title.
The focus of the program is to rejuvenate your creative spirit through a number of excersizes including the Artist Date. On the Artist Date you take your Artist on a date and partake in activities that you might not normally do or those that you have neglected because you have been focusing on everything except your Artist.
One of my new hobbies has been Cardmaking, but I have not created a card - good or otherwise in a number of months and I have not visited my local craft store either, so last Saturday I took a class on Valentine Cards and it was a blast!
It was great to see Rochelle, the lovely proprietor of The Rubber Stamp Studio and her able assistant Jenny as well as to spend a couple of hours with ladies utilizing their creative talents.
I had been doing really well with the Artist's Way program until this week when I really, really, really slipped as far as my Morning Pages are concerned, but I do find that my inner creative spirit is attempting to flourish - just not exactly as Julia Cameron had hoped.
I think she would be happy to know that it has begun to flourish even if I haven't kept strictly to the plan. I'll work harder at that over the next week.

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