Saturday, February 17, 2007

This Week's Hot Topics

Here are a few events over the past week that caught my attention:

Grammy's slam Bush!
Now I had heard all about the controversy with the Dixie Chicks - you know the ladies who were ashamed to say the Prez was from their home state. Well after making that off-color (to some) remark about our leader the ladies were booed, threatened and their records sales plummeted. That was two years ago. Fast forward and the ladies put together a nice little ditty "Not Ready to Make Nice" in response to the backlash they received and what do you know they ended up taking home five Grammy's including Record of the Year for the above referenced song!

Mary J shines at Grammy's
Mary J. Blige was also a big winner at the Grammy's and she offered up some powerful performances to boot! Go Mary!
She put her heart and soul into this performance!

What's Up with Hardaway?
If this was not putting the proverbial foot in one's mouth I don't know what is. Really! Was it necessary to rant about a situation that no longer affects you? Men and I believe black men especially can be so homophobic! Now Hardaway is loosing money because of hateful comments. One day people will learn to think what they want and speak lightly - there is no need to be so mean spirited particularly as an African American.
At the same time Amaechi needs to keep it real too! During an interview on the TJMS he purports that he was never excited or felt any stirrings for any of the players he worked with because he was at work. PUHLEEZE!! Give me a break. Everyone has experienced the hots or just looked at someone while on the job and thought "Uhm Uhm Uhm that's a fine specimen" be you male, female, hetro, homo or bisexual. That's just a fact of nature.
It is unfortunate that we as a people and country can not separate what someone does in the privacy of their homes and who that person is as an individual.

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  1. Hardaway knows he is/was wrong; and yes, Mary J was incredible on the Grammy's!